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Iris.  24x36 oil on stretched canvas. ©Accorsi Studios. 2010. 

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I painted this Iris for my kitchen in 2010, it was winter, feeling kind of drab as it can rain here in Northern California for months on end. (although not this winter).  

I can’t count the number of times I walked into the kitchen, smiled back to this painting.  It is here in this little story that demonstrates the beauty of art. 

Artists create something, from something - emotions, inspiration, love, pain, and we can bring new life to our lives.  I’m ready to market this painting and let it go as there is a new one to take its place.  

Send me an email about picking it up for your wall to bring joy to your home.  

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4 years ago
floral Iris still life accorsi studios Accorsi painting art art studio mixed media oil painting
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©Accorsi Studios.  2010.  Iris.  (24x36 oil on stretched canvas).

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William Nicholson, Primulas on a Table, 1927   Oil on Wood

Not familiar with Nicholson’s work, but this painting is well composed.  Daisy pedals are always challenging - his strokes with white are beautiful.